Hard, traditional and savoury

An Italian-style hard cheese designed for shaving and grating, this cheese has savoury flavours. The intense caramel-butterscotch tones intensify with age and the fruitiness is reminiscent of pineapple. Aged 2+ years.

Goat Parmesan

Granular and savoury with caramel tones

Firm and slightly granular in texture, this cheese has all the character of a traditional parmesan plus a little bit extra. The flavour is sweet and nutty with caramel tones and a lingering savoury finish.


Hard, sweet, spicy and savoury

A robust cheese with assertive savoury and sweet flavours that intensify with age, this cheese carries an extra flavour kick thanks to the whole black peppercorns studded throughout.

Castle Rock

Hard, sweet and savoury

Italian in style and perfect for shaving and grating, this cheese has delicious savoury and sweet flavours which only get better with age.