Geraldine Vintage Cheddar

Classic, mature and full of flavour

An exceptionally well-matured cheese with a wonderful balance of creaminess and character, this cheddar has a tight crystalline texture and a classic rich-sharp finish. Made just like the old days, if you ask us, it’s the best cheddar going.

Aged Gouda

Nutty, creamy and full-flavoured

Made in the traditional European way, this sweet and creamy cheese has a beautifully smooth texture and ripens with mature nutty flavours.

Cumin Gouda

Nutty, creamy and spicy

Truly exquisite, nutty flavours and the aromatic cumin seeds offset this sweet and creamy cheese.

Mild Gouda

Nutty and creamy

Smooth in texture, this sweet and creamy cheese is made in the traditional European way.

Peppered Gouda

Sweet, creamy, nutty, piquant black pepper

A sweet and creamy cheese offset by nutty flavours, the addition of piquant black pepper perfectly balances the sweet and spicy element.

Garlic & Chive Gouda

Nutty, creamy and herby

A firm favourite, the sweet and nutty creaminess of this cheese is overlaid with herbs to create a taste sensation.


Glossy, nutty and fruity

Glossy and resilient with a hugely complex flavour profile, this cheese is creamy, nutty, fruity and sweet. Complemented by a mouth-tingling acidity and an alluring wine-like aroma, it lingers on the palate. Traditionally used in fondues, this one is excellent for melting.


Buttery, sweet and nutty

Creamy, sweet, buttery and nutty with a fruity background, this cheese lingers on the palate and has a satisfying finish. Elastic in texture with characteristic ‘eyes’ that give it a unique appearance, Maasdam melts super smoothly making it a favourite in the kitchen.

Smokey Manuka

Rich, bold and smokey

Displaying enormous flavours, this rich and smokey cheese might be bold but it’s perfectly balanced with just the right combination of cheese and natural smoke.