Mesopotamia Blue

Firm, crumbly, strong blue vein

Firm and slightly crumbly, this cheese has a good proportion of vein, making it a very approachable blue. The sophisticated salt-and-savoury flavour is perfectly jolted with a spark of peppery blueness.

Mt Peel Blue

Buttery, rich and smooth

Zesty and feisty, this premium high-cream blue has sweet and slightly piquant pockets of dark blue-green marbling, which perfectly punctuates its silky smooth, buttery texture.

Waihi Blue

Sweet with an earthy spiciness

Firm, moist, sweet and creamy all at the same time, this complex blue also boasts a delicious earthy spiciness.

Mt Somers Blue

Sharp, tangy and mature

A well-matured blue that’s similar to a stilton, this one has a deeper flavour and a longer finish than other blues. Sharp and tangy in flavour, fresh blue flecks add to the appearance.