Deer Milker Cheese


In 2014 the team at The Deer Milker started milking Red Deer at Mt Somers, in South Canterbury, New Zealand. Talbot Forest Cheese was brought onboard to create a world first – Deer Milk Cheese. Fast forward to 2019 and The Deer Milker is now commercially operational, producing Deer Milk Gouda and Deer Milk Havarti.

Want to know more about The Deer Milker and the cheese?
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Deer Milk Havarti

A soft and supple, sweet, subtle and delicate, silky smooth cheese. This cheese is relatively young and fresh flavoured.

Deer Milk Gouda

A hard and crumbly cheese, studded with calcium lactate crystals, its flavour is savoury, sweet reminiscent of gentle marmite and nougat. This cheese is aged for 2+ years and has developed beautifully

Deer Milker Cheese in the Geraldine shop Deer Milker Cheese Logo

Want to Try the Deer Milker Cheese?

Order Directly from Talbot Forest Cheese. Both cheeses are $15 per 100g (delivery not included) couriered anywhere in New Zealand.

To order:

Email: Phone: 03 693 1111 or 027 274 4293

Or visit one of our stockists:

Cheese Shop, Nelson Ph 03 540 3034

Moore Wilsons, Wellington Ph 04 384 9906

Raeward Fresh, Queenstown Ph 03 442 4161